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Meter and Panel Services in south Florida

TMP Electric is a qualified and licensed South Florida electrician who provides Meter and Panel Services as well as many other electrical services for residential and commercial purposes.

Electricity is the heart of any home or business. It keeps the lights on, literally, and makes it so every single appliance and apparatus at the location powered by electricity runs effectively and smoothly. Quality electrical systems make or break the efficient operation of any location. That’s why TMP electric is here, to help the people of South Florida ensure their electrical components are operating up to speed. With that said, how does one have a good idea of whether or not the electrical components at a location are even operating well? What’s a good indicator it might be time for an inspection?

Electrical Meters and Panels play a huge role in the above. That’s why TMP Electric offers Meter and Panel Services across the board for residential and commercial customers to help ensure these apparatus are functioning as they should. But what are panels and meters and what do they do, why is it so key to ensure their continued functioning operation?

A Panel is like a distribution center for the power in a location. Aside from directing how and where power goes, it’s also a safety measure to protect against fires, shorts, or other electrical issues that could occur. If you’ve ever had a blackout or brownout and had to reset the circuit breaker on your panel, then you’ve seen the panel doing its job in action before. generally, an electrical panel should be replaced every 20 years. This ensures the panel is up to date, and can safely perform its job of protecting the location from electrical hazards or further damage to any electrical systems.

Your meter on the other hand keeps an eye on the use of power in the home. A poorly operating meter could be costing you a lot extra. Not only that if something is drawing more power from the home than should be, but a functioning meter can also give you at least an indication of these allowing you to talk to TMP electric to ensure the correct repairs and maintenance procedures are then undertaken to restore normal operation. TMP electric can inspect, repair, or replace any meters or Panels you have on-site and get them updated to the newest technologies. This provides th utmost safety, and accuracy to any given location’s electrical systems!

No electrical job should be pursued or performed by one who is inexperienced as this can be dangerous! TMP electric can get the job done correctly, and safely, the first time. For more information don’t hesitate to give us a call today for a free estimate at 954-643-1164

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