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Meter and Panel Replacement

Without the extensive knowledge of an experienced electrician, how do you know when it is time for a Meter and Panel Replacement? There are probably going to be some signs that either your electric meter or electrical panel are not doing their job effectively, and in order to have a house running efficiently, you have to make sure to consider Meter and Panel Replacement if it’s necessary.


So what do these devices do that makes them so important? An electric meter is something you will often find in a residential neighborhood. In fact, you’ll find that every house has one of its own. It can be found most often outside the house near the main fuse or breaker box, but sometimes it can be found in a basement or crawl space if your home has those. What they do is they essentially monitor your energy usage and measure this by the unit of electric power measure called a watt. Your electric company would be effectively billing you by the “kilowatt hour”. Every thousand watts is called a kilowatt, so if you have used a thousand watts in one hour you have used a kilowatt-hour.


Electrical panels, on the other hand, are a bit different than a meter. These panels will also be found in your house, whether new or old. They provide electricity to your home by receiving power from the utility company and distributing it to the different circuits found attached to your lights, outlets, appliances, and more.


The electric panel, as you can see, is a very crucial tool for your home’s overall electricity distribution, so it’s very important you know when there are signs that you need to replace it. While generally speaking, an electric panel can simply be upgraded, there are times when even simply upgrading it will not solve certain issues. For example, flickering lights, circuit breaker tripping too often, scorching found inside the panel, damaged insulation, breakers not working correctly, bad wiring, or rusted electrical parts are not ideal and are usually signs that the panel needs to be replaced.


TMP Electric is equipped to handle all your Meter and Panel Replacement needs as well as help you with your lighting, generators, conversions, and upgrades. Whether you need commercial or residential electric services, TMP Electric is the right choice for you. Let the experts handle a Meter and Panel Replacement while you rest easy knowing the job is getting done in the best way possible. Call 954-643-1164 for any inquiries today.

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