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Home Electrical Repairs

Home Electrical Repairs

TMP is your choice for Home Electrical Repairs and business electrical work in Broward and Palm Beach County! Electricity is an integral and absolutely necessary part of the proper operation and well-being of any modern home or business. Hopefully, all of your property’s electrical components are working just fine and do not have any issues or failures. Your property’s air conditioning, kitchen appliances, lighting, and everything else which requires power needs your electrical components working in optimal order. Like any other thing in this world which operates and runs, the components which power your home or business can potentially fail, or start to show signs of failure. What do you do when this happens? You clearly need to do something, and that something is to call the professionals at TMP Electric!

If your panel is older and not properly operating, we offer Electric Panel Chanegouts. Sometimes this is due to a failed operation other times its because your insurance company is requiring an update. Every twenty years or so, these panels must be replaced! We can do indoor, outdoor, main, and sub-panels as well! speaking of upgrades and changeouts, FPL will periodically request an update to a new meter technology for more accurate reading both in your and FPL s favorable operation. When it comes time to change out your meter call TMP electric.

Home Electrical Repairs are important when things fail, but what about when you need electrical-related projects at the home that are not repaired at all? TMP electric also offers the installation of many electrical components and appliances including LED lighting and LED light arrays. This also includes Security lighting, Recessed lighting/high hats, Under cabinet lighting, Upper Cabinet lighting, Custom LED lighting, RGB LED lighting, Dimmable LEDs, Ceiling Fans, Chandeliers, and other lighting or fax fixtures in the home as well!

With a new advent of vehicle technology, electric vehicles are sweeping the world with their incredible power, environmental benefits, and lack of need for traditional fuel. How we keep these cars running, however, is with the very same electricity that powers our homes. in order to keep our Evs charged we need EV charging stations. If you have an electric vehicle you’re going to want and even really need an in-home charging station for your car or SUV.  TMP electric can install a quality, flush EV charging station in your home’s garage today!

TMP Electric can install protective measures and breakers to ensure the continued operation of your electrical appliances and components. We are the best team in South Florida for Home Electrical Repairs but don’t forget w also can do commercial and business properties as well. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for an estimate, quote, inspection, or just more information!

No electrical job should be pursued dor performed by one who is inexperienced as this can be dangerous! TMP electric can get the job done correctly, and safely, the first time. For more information don’t hesitate to give us a call today for a free estimate at 954-643-1164

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