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Ft Lauderdale Electrical Services

Ft Lauderdale Electrical Services should only be provided by a licensed and trusted electrician, TMP Electric is the team for the job! It does not matter if the work you need to be done is Residential, or Commerical Work. TMP Electric can handle it all. We can get your business up and running faster than lightning, and ensure your home is providing you with the power you and your loved ones need to lead a comfortable day-to-day life. What types of  Ft Lauderdale Electrical Services can we offer? Read on to see what TMP can do for you!

Panel Replacements need to occur on the property every 20 or 30 years to ensure your panel is working properly. But, what is a panel? Your electrical panel is a set of switches that monitor, and regulate the electrical energy moving within your home or business location. While the panel’s job is to act in case of electrical issues with other devices, what if the panel has an issue, or is it just plain too old? The panels themselves need work from time to time.

Most of our work, panels or otherwise, is performed at residential locations. We are well known as an Ft Lauderdale Electrical Services to the homeowners in the area for our quality work. Every house is going to have tons of electrical hardware which will over time need maintenance. This includes the wiring itself as well as things such as light fixtures, housings, outlets, air conditioning, and many more electrical components in the home. Some of which use higher voltage outlets than normal.  Repairs will be needed at some point, and we’ll need to do assessments as well to determine if there is damage. When expanding or remodeling the home, these assessments are just as critical, ensuring that the proper precautions, tools, materials, and logistics for any remodeling or expansion project take into account the electrical side of this type of project. TMP Electrical will get the job done right the first time, so there’s as little downtime at the homefront as possible!

However important the home is, businesses also need the power to keep running. While much of our work is done in residential, TMP is no stranger to assisting with the electrical needs of the business owners of Ft Lauderdale. Just like like a home, regulations and certain projects including initial construction and remodeling will require a professional assessment. We want to ensure your business is operating at peak efficiency, that you’re up to code, and everything is functioning as intended. If you need an inspection for keeping up to code or something isn’t functioning properly, give TMP a call. That way we can come out as quickly as can be so that we can perform a proper assessment and get your business back in working order.

inexperienced as this can be dangerous! TMP electric can get the job done correctly, and safely, the first time. For more information don’t hesitate to give us a call today for a free estimate at 954-643-1164

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