Electrical Problems

Electrical Problems

Electrical Problems  Solved by TMP!


Electrical problems can arise from many different places, and they range from harmless to very dangerous. Whether it’s due to poor or outdated wiring inside your home or bulbs overloading, there might be a specific reason as to why there isn’t efficient electricity supplied to your appliances and lighting.


First and foremost, your safety is a priority, which is why you shouldn’t be troubleshooting electrical problems yourself. Contacting a professional electrician is always the best idea, but at the very least you can be aware of how to identify the issues before you call them.


Some of the most common electric issues that can happen in your residence may involve bad wiring. Examples of such are electrical surges, electric shocks, switches not working, and light bulbs frequently burning out. Although, light bulbs may burn out due to high wattage or insulation being too close to the light, and electrical surges can occur commonly due to poor wiring as well as damaged power lines or lightning strikes.


Alternatively, more power is drawn than usual when electrical appliances are connected to a power grip that doesn’t work or is made of low-quality materials. Other common problems include flickering lights caused by frayed wires, circuit breakers tripping due to high power-consuming items, having fewer outlets in general, not having a Residual Current Circuit Breaker that can prevent electrical fires, having an overcircuited panel, bulbs overloading, high electric bills, aluminum wiring, and backstabbed wires.


When it comes to electric shock, there is a high risk due to a number of factors. For example, if the junction box is not covered, there can be a damaged wire that can shock you. Frayed and exposed wires always have the possibility to give you an electric shock as well as electrical appliances in contact with water. If there are faulty appliances, damaged extension leads, deteriorated or damaged wiring, or downed powerlines, you should always contact a professional in order to address this rather than exposing yourself to the risk of electric shock.


TMP Electric is equipped to handle all of your Electrical Problems, whether residential or commercial services. Their professionally trained staff are eager to get the job done right and offer the best work possible. Whether you need new security, recessed, dimmable, ceiling, chandelier, or under or upper cabinet lighting, you can only expect the highest quality workmanship from TMP Electric, so if you have Electrical Problems, call 954-643-1164.

Never attempt electrical repairs on your own, this type of work should always be performed by a licensed professional electrician like the pros at TMP, Call today! 954-643-1164

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