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Electric work is not recommended to be done yourself as it is incredibly dangerous and has many negative repercussions if done incorrectly, so consulting a Commercial Electrical Repair professional is always best. Apart from regular inspections, installations, and other crucial aspects, another important component that can be installed by Commercial Electrical Repair specialists is emergency and exit lighting. Depending on the structure, this may be not as important for one industry as it is for another. Larger buildings may need much clearer signs of egress, since it may not be so easy for a person to find their way in and out of a structure with multiple floors and rooms.


For starters, egress, or, exit, lighting is the kind that illuminates the path from any occupied space of a structure out to a public way. There are code requirements for both, but basically, emergency lighting has to be on during a loss of normal utility power.


The code for emergency lighting state that the illumination has to provide at least one and a half hours in the event of normal light failure. It has to be arranged so that it can provide illumination that is no less than the average one footcandle measured along the path of exit at floor level. The way these codes define a path is an applicable exit avenue such as a corridor, hallway, or stairways, exit doorways, and exit ramps.


For the most part, a construction project such as residential buildings will need to contact an electrician to install exit and emergency lighting due to the requirements they have to follow. Residents should always know where their exits are in case of an emergency, and in the event of a power outage, the emergency lighting can assist in illuminating their way there. This is crucial for events such as a fire since people need to get out of the building as soon as possible while also reducing panic and stress levels.


While it may seem clear to somewhere to place these signs and lighting, there are sometimes unconventional circumstances where egress lighting should be placed by a Commercial Electrical Repair expert, such as next to an outdoor stairway, where otherwise it would be unsafe if it were pitch-black at night, and people could easily fall off during the panic of an emergency. If strategically placed, people can be guided down a stairway safely and quickly.


TMP Electric is the best choice when it comes to choosing a Commercial Electrical Repair company, whether for emergency and exit lighting, or other services, such as code violation and corrections, early site work, panel repairs, and more! Call 954-643-1164 for a free estimate today.

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