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Need a panel change?

Your electrical panel is the power distribution center for your home. It is also the most important safety device you have to protect against fire and equipment failure. Having the most up to date panel will protect you, your family and your home for years.

Electrical service panels should be replaced every 20 to 30 years. If you have been in your home that long, or you have moved into an older existing home, your panel may be outdated. Contact TMP for a free assessment!

TMP typically provides and installs Siemens electrical panels and load centers for both residential and commercial applications. We can install other brands on request.

Insurance company requiring electrical changes?

If you are dealing with insurance inspection violations, TMP thoroughly understands the requirements for electrical panel upgrades, including aluminum and cloth wiring, double-tapped breakers and outdated breakers.

Breakers that are often not accepted by insurance companies:

  • Zinsco – for more information click HERE
  • FPE – Stablok – for more information click HERE
  • Challenger – for more information click HERE
  • Edison Fuse panels

We have extensive experience satisfying insurance company requirements for electrical upgrades. Be careful! Old and obsolete breakers can be safety hazards…

Electrical Meter Changes:

If you are upgrading your electrical meter, TMP will coordinate your project with FPL and your city building department.

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